In this page you can locate and retrieve existing documents in the Archive. The page is divided in two sections: basic filters - destined to the casual user with few knowledge about the structure of descriptive information data and advanced filters - where it can combine different possibilities and search criteria.

Basic filters

In the "basic filters" section the user may select the search terms and/or the documents production dates. The option "inclusive dates" allows search records whose dates are in the defined extreme dates in the search criteria. You may also indicate if you only want to search records with associated digital representations, meaning only to show the documents which digital version can be consulted online through the Web.

Digital representation


Advanced filters

In this section you can refine your search by identifying the fields and terms that satisfy your criteria. The available options feature the selection of the fonds or collections to search, the description levels, search by reference code or specified fields. For each field you can also indicate if you want to search all words, any word, or exact phrase.


Description level

  • Collection/Agregation - set of documents assembled artificially due to any common characteristic, whatever their provenance.
  • Fond - set of documents produced organically and/or accumulated and held by an individual, family or legal person in the course of its activities and functions.
  • Section - subdivision of a fond, corresponding to organic non autonomous organic subdivisions of a producing entity.
  • Serie - set of documents organized according to an archiving system and maintained as a unit because they result from the same accumulation process, the exercise of the same activity, by having a particular type, among others.
  • Installation unit - set of documents grouped by or kept in the same physical unit of quotation, installation and inventory.
  • Composed document - documents grouped by referring to the same subject, activity, or transaction processing itself.
  • Simple document – intellectually indivisible archival unit, eg, letter, memorandum, report, photograph, sound recording.